David has been treating my teenage son for just a few weeks and the results are amazing! My son is an avid runner (cross country and track) and was experiencing intense upper back pain. After just a few visits with Dr. Dufour his pain has nearly gone away. He is very personable and friendly as well!

– Vicki A.

I was suffering tremendously from my lower back pain for several weeks last November followed by days of sitting through horrible discomfort that I finally made the decision to see a Chiropractor. I literally walked into his office asking him if he could take me in last minute because of my severe pain. He was super helpful that within the first visit, he narrowed down my problem area. After a couple weeks he was able to put pressure on my lower back and relieve most of my pain. Whether I am in pain or just coming in for a general adjustment, I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Dr. David listens really well and takes his time to explain everything. He has a great sense of humor and is very professional. Most of all, he’s helped my back issue immensely!! Thank you, Dr. David!!

– Majd A.

David is amazing! He’s one of the most engaged, skilled professionals I’ve met. I highly recommend him.

Thank you!

– Alexander C.

A friend of mine observed recently that at a certain level of skill the line between physical health disciplines blurs — that practitioners operating on that level start to seem part PT, part trainer, part LMT, part chiropractor, regardless of which discipline is on their business card.

David seems to be to be in that category. I came to him with a knee injury that had completely stumped a PT at ATI Adient and he was unfazed by it. He gave me a well-reasoned diagnosis and five brief chiro treatments, as well as some PT-style exercises and body mechanics coaching. It felt like little fuss, but I just got through a week-long backpacking trip with no pain. It’s such a relief to have what seemed like a chronic and mysterious problem reduced to something minor and treatable.

– Jack J.

David Dufour was a great chiropractor! He shows a lot of care in his patients and always takes his time. He is kind, considerate and always ask questions about your progress and makes you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. When I was going through my injury he showed a lot of patience, and took it slow.

– Rhonda W.